justaddictedtoglamour: Hi, I just wanted to let you know that your one of my tumblr crushes and I put up your link on my blog! I just want to say thank you for being amazing, my blog wouldn't be what it is without you :)

omg you’re so sweet! thank you so much and i’m glad my blog means something to you :) 

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no-faux-pas: Hi, I don't know whether you remember me, but I just wanted to thank you :) In the end of February/beginning of March you promoted me and then offered me help to gain new followers and back then I only had around 16-20 followers, now I'm up to 54 and they're coming in everyday. I just wanted to thank you for your help because it really got the ball rolling :) And don't listen to that anon, he doesn't know what he's talking about.

lmao yes i remember you and you’re so very welcome :) and thanks i wasn’t listening to the anon anyways, he/she is just mad at the world and doesnt know how to deal with it, so they take it out on people, anonymously through the internet, its pathetic. (yes i’m making the same mindless assumption that they made about me, your message was completely irrelevant and useless)

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Anonymous: LOL cute reply. but still selfish.

oh shut up

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tee-kay-el: hey! how did u get that kony 2012 on your blog?! did it come with ur blog? o.O

lol no um just click on it and it should bring you directly to the site with the HTML code :)

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Anonymous: going around and asking people to follow your blog just because you need to reach ur goal.... of 10+? Tumblr isn't about the number of followers. Are you new to tumblr?

if you think im being selfish why dont you take an ACTUAL look at my blog, specifically my promo page. i gladly give back. and as a matter of fact, i’ve had my personal blog for over 2 years, that blog which is entirely for me, not to please you or anyone else, not to gain followers or whatever. this blog though IS for you and everyone else, i always do promos, and promo games, when i gain a sufficient amount of followers ill do BOTW/BOTM and whatever business for those who actually do find comfort in the amount of followers they have.

so dont be a sour puss and ruin the tumblr experience because tumblr is whatever the blogger wants it to be. now go be bitter to your mother or something, i dont need your bullshit.

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Anonymous: uh yeah excuse you. Don't always ask for so much in life.

lmao okaaaaay who are you to be making these assumptions you dont know ANYTHING about my life

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ll-ace: I want to reblog all your photos!!!

lmao thank you :P

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awn thank you! its significant :)

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blackand-whitefashion: thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you for helping me xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

anytime sweetie ♥

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m3moriess: I LOVE your blog! its amazing.(:

thank you :P

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russian-baby-doll-deactivated20: I ADORE your blogggg!! :)


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vivalababe-deactivated20120409: Fav blog. period. I recently started out as well :)

DDDDDDD: i am honestly AMAZED by all these positive feed back, like this is my millionth time telling my followers that i LOVE them!


your blogs heading on the right track love, if you ever need help building it up, whether by followers, advice whatever dont hesitate to ask. once you reach 1k let me know and i’ll gladly do double promos with you and such!
keep in touch!

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semisweeet-deactivated20131126: Beautiful blog! (: Glad I actually found a quality fashion blog - they're hard to come by! (:

OH MY GOODNESS, “quality fashion blog” i think i just died a little inside. THANK YOU!

*oh man, i fucking love my followers, you guys are ridiculously sweet! i’ve gotten so many compliments, i’m so flattered and proud at the same time :3

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m-ignon: your blogs stunning! would you check out mine? xx

of course! its absolutely gorgeous :)

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mannequi-n-deactivated20120812: love your blog!! just started mine, would you mind checking it out? thanks so much!! xx

thank you :) and of course i will!

dont ever hesitate to talk to me 

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